Polaris Digital Media Summit
January 28 – 30, 2007
Stein Eriksen Lodge
Deer Valley, UT

Sunday, January 28

12:00 – 5:00 pm Ski Fittings

A Polaris Hospitality Suite will be available in the Gold Room, off the main lobby of the Lodge to accommodate all Polaris guests’ ski fittings. Unless you have made prior arrangements for a ski fitting, please be sure to stop by to have your skis fitted. People will be on hand to then take your fitted skis to the ski locker.

4:00 pm Check in

4:15 pm Please meet in the Lodge lobby for transportation to the Park City Mountain Ice Rink, a short ride from the Lodge. Please wear loose fitting clothing, in layers, and tennis shoes.

4:30 – 6:00 pm Curling Competition at the Park City Mountain Ice Rink

We will have two curling lanes set up and an ex-Olympic curler will be on hand to give Curlers a 20-25 minute lesson and demo in curling prior to the Competition. Refreshments will also be available.

6:00 pm Transportation back to the Lodge

7:00 pm Dinner in the Valhalla Room, Stein Eriksen Lodge

Polaris and Industry Executive introductions

Monday, January 29

7 am Breakfast at the Alpine Conference Room, Stein Eriksen Lodge

8 am- Noon Summit Session, Alpine Conference Room

Polaris Portfolio Introductions

Roundtable Session: Where is the Internet Heading?

Emerging Trends: “Web 2.0”’ has seen the rapid emergence of a number of significant companies who reflect new user behaviors/usage models. Are these new models fundamental shifts or passing fads? What do they suggest for the future?

o My Space/Social Networks

o YouTube/Videosharing

o Blogging/Wikipedia

o Second Life/Virtual Words

o What next?

Competitive Environment:

o Portals: Will Google retain its search hegemony? Where can startups challenge Google and where should startups (and VCs) stay clear? How dominant will the portals be in general?

o How do Internet companies build competitive barriers? Where have we seen dominant players toppled, what are examples of effective barriers, and what are the lessons? What are illustrative examples of genuine network effects in connection with online businesses?


o What are the important trends in online advertising?

o Will growth in online dollars continue or slow?

o How are buyers approaching online advertising?

o What formats will work for video?

o Will effective ad models emerge for user generated content? Viral video? Blogs? Social networks?

11:00 – 12:00 pm Box Lunch available outside the Alpine Meeting Room, Stein Eriksen Lodge

1:30 pm – 4:30 pm Ski Competition sponsored by World Championship Sports Network

We will have two ski lanes set up on the mountain and an ex-Olympic skier will be at the start line, offering tips. There will be time for a practice run before the Competition begins at 2:00 pm. We will provide precise location of the race.

If you are not skiing but are interested in an alternative activity, please contact Noreen McQuade,

6:30 pm Transportation to Utah Olympic Park

7:00 pm Cocktails and Dinner with Bill Marolt, CEO U.S. Ski Federation, at Utah Olympic Park

Ski Award Ceremony

Tuesday, January 30

7 am Breakfast at the Alpine Conference Room, Stein Eriksen Lodge

8 am– Noon Summit Session, Alpine Conference Room

Roundtable Session: Building a Successful Digital Media Company

Building an Advertising Based Business

o Metrics that matter: when does a startup become relevant, and how do you know?

o Building Ad Sales

Building Audience: what tactics and techniques are most effective in building audience?

o Search

o Affiliate Marketing

o Partnership/syndication

o Social media

o International

o Other

Programming Strategies

o Original

o Licensed

o User Generated

o Other

Team Building

Noon- 6 pm Optional skiing, Free Time

6:30 Optional casual dinner and Pub Crawl in Park city

Please note: Dress for all events is casual, and warm.
The average daytime temperature in Deer Valley has been 27 degrees Fahrenheit while average nighttime temperature has been 13 degrees Fahrenheit.

Address and contact information for the Stein Eriksen Lodge:

Stein Eriksen Lodge
7700 Stein Way
Park City, UT 84060-5132
435.649.5825 fax

Onsite contact information for Polaris events:

Noreen McQuade, 781-389-7424 cell

Mike Hirshland, 781-789-3868 cell


One response to “Agenda

  1. noreen mcquade

    Just wanted to let you know there is another noreen mcquade (me) and i live in seattle wa. googled my name one night and you came up. Talk about a big surprise! Email me if you want to.

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