Day I Session

We had a terrific session this morning, with lots of lively, spirited debated.  So much so, in fact, that a number of folks actually said that, after 5-and-a-half hours locked in a room, they actually were disappointed we had to break.

We agreed with everyone that the session was strictly off the record and private, so, obviously, I won’t get into specifics of who said what.

That said, here are a few themes:

  • Social networks are an important new communication mode which will be ubiquitous but whose value is threatened by the possibility of the absence of openness and standards;
  • Lively debate regarding whether the greatest value and opportunity is in the head, trunk or tail of online content;
  •  Enthusiasm for widgets;
  • A very spirited (bordering on, but just falling short of contentious) debate whether online advertising ultimately can be fully automated or whether a human touch will remain a necessary ingredient

All in all it was a fun productive session.

Stay tuned for results from the ski race….


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